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New look for launched! Check it out and let us know what you think.



Website for First Class Mobile Wash

New, awesome website coming up for First Class Mobile Wash, detailing company based out of Lakeland, Florida.

Site will feature a company bio, gallery of first class detail work that they’ve done and a blog for car/boat detailing.

These guys know what they’re doing, so if you’re looking for a high quality detail work in central Florida area, call them at (863)513-3123.

Flash Socket Policy Server

We have a custom built communication server that can handle video/audio and text. Well a while back we wrote a flash client for this server. Well Adobe had just updated their flash player to include some new security enhancements one of which involved not allowing cross domain policy files to be served up via HTTP. There had to be a server listening on port 843 in order to serve the policy file. So I went to task of whipping one up real fast.

Multi-language support in T-SQL

This is brilliant, a little scary, but brilliant. (note added July 2010: OK, A LOT SCARY!)

While back we built a website supporting unlimited languages and articles. For a reason unknown I decided to keep all my content in one table, index it and link my other tables to it.

Updates and Joins in MySQL

Now this is supremely hot. You can update a whole set of information from one table to another without passing any data from your PHP. Not sure if this works with MS SQL, I’ll check next time I’m around those machines.

Increasing max upload limit in WordPress

I was working on adding some fancy media content  for one of my customers, and WordPress gave me this error:

This file is too big. The maximum upload size for your server is 2M.
revivallifefeature Website

Penguinsoft launched a new website for Revival Life Ministries at Go check it out and leave us some comments! Directory

Penguins are now taking over with an awesome website approval and indexing service. If you’d like to have your site listed, let us know!

New Project: Jonathan and Lisa

Yes, another beautiful website in progress for an awesome ministry. We’ll post updates as soon as we get them!

New site in progress for Revival Life!

We’re putting together a new site for Revival Life Ministries and we have a good reason to believe it is going to be spectacular!

You can connect with the ministry on

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