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MySQL Class for PHP

This should get you started if you’re looking to connect to MySQL database.


That’s amazing.. Penguin!

We’re working overtime to bring you so many spectacular things I don’t know where to start.

Right now busy at work – doing this website. Please give us feedback!

Check out our blog!

Check out our blog!


Show Errors in PHP

In the good “old” days when 99% of all websites looked horrible, PHP would by default spit out all errors. If you made a mistake in your code, you’d get gracefully “notified”.

With PHP 5 we arrived to a new era of hidden rebukes – page just loads totally blank by default.

If you like games, you can just start searching the problem from your source code! If you have less than 100k lines you’ve got a good chance to find the issue before dawn.

If not, just drop these lines to the beginning of the script – should be fine…

ini_set('display_errors', '1');

Bible Module

Just finished a new module for TheD – Bible Module.


Sanitizing Input in Flash

Let’s say for example you are creating a bulletin board system or some post system from within flash and you would like to restrict the use of any html or special characters.

claybefeature Website

We finished a new look for – just check out the intro and see the site!

See the site: What if you could live forever?.

New look for launched! Check it out and let us know what you think.



Website for First Class Mobile Wash

New, awesome website coming up for First Class Mobile Wash, detailing company based out of Lakeland, Florida.

Site will feature a company bio, gallery of first class detail work that they’ve done and a blog for car/boat detailing.

These guys know what they’re doing, so if you’re looking for a high quality detail work in central Florida area, call them at (863)513-3123.

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